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The only thing that makes this better is knowing Amy Pohler is pregnant with what will be the coolest baby in the world under that blazer.

Savannah, on moving

"Actually, I had a dream once when I was like seven or eight, a nightmare, really, that I still think about all of the time. In it, a vampire had taped a match to my forehead. He was going to come back to my house a few hours later to use the match to light my house on fire, and if I took the match off myself, my house would explode. I have a very strong memory of one part of that dream where my family is dumping the contents of all of our drawers into pillowcases, and running out to put them in the street.
That's what I imagine the last part of your packing process might be like, except without the match or the vampire. I don't even know why it was a vampire. I never realized before how silly that makes the whole thing."

need a room?

My future housemates and I are looking for a fourth person to live with us in this lovely house in Sellwood (17th and Lambert). We haven't figured out how we're going to be dividing rent up, but we're estimating $350 + utilities. It's close to a huge church and walking distance to countless charming Sellwood landmarks, as well as being on the 70 bus line. Looking for a house? Leave me a comment with your email and we'll chat.